Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WE MET SCAR from LION KING...How cool is that!!

With the holiday season here, my son's choir is very busy practicing all of their Christmas carols. Today, they were treated with a SPECIAL GUEST, KEVIN GRAY, better known to all of us as SCAR in Disney's LION KING. (Thanks to one of the boy's parent who arranged everything.) He sat through a portion of their practice, way in the back, as an observer. Then he was introduced to the boys and.....WOW!!!....he was an absolutely GREAT motivator. I'm sure the boys were inspired and very encouraged with the experiences that was shared with them. Finally, we were treated with him singing "O HOLY NIGHT" (which is the song he heard the boys practicing). This was a "CHICKEN SKIN" moment. It was ABSOLUTELY BEEEEEAUUUUTIFUL!!!

It was at this moment, a lot of us started taking pictures.....then it dawned on me...HE'S SINGING THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG....WHERE'S THE VIDEO CAMERA??? We were all doing the "still" shots. {chuckle}...We all wanted to "catch the moment"..... I know..I the "awe" of the moment, I forgot my camera can do movie shots which could've caught a good "sound" of his singing........SHUCKS!! I didn't post the picture of him singing, one will be able to "hear" it...{chuckle, chuckle}

Lastly, to the boys surprise, he had a "private" autograph session with all of them. This is when I decided to catch the moment. The picture above shows my son, Skylar with Kevin Gray.

Don't you think it's a great picture??!! Even Mrs. Gray made a comment how great this picture would be for our Christmas card . I agreed, BUT, it's missing another VERY IMPORTANT PERSON (VIP in our home)...Kody.


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Jen said...

OH How AWESOME Lori!!!!! Gave me chicken skin just reading about this. That is so cool that you n' Skylar and the other kids got to meet Scar!!!! Totally cool! I bet his singing was fascinating, and what a rush it must've been for all of you. Their picture together looks great... but yea, you cannot use 'em for Christmas - cause baby not in 'em. I love it though!!!