Friday, November 2, 2007


Geez Louise!!! I love reading & looking at everyone's blog and creations, and I tell myself how I'll keep up. Well, guess what!!! I "white" LIED. Boy, I give all of you who are able to post daily, every other day or 3 times a week, A LOT OF CREDIT!!! HOW do you do it?

I've been tagged about 3 1/2 weeks ago by Rhonda to list 7 facts about myself: (before I go on, I must tell all you to check out Rhonda's blogspot. It's totally awesome!!)

1. Like Rhonda, I love the color purple. (What, my blogspot is pink? I know, I know...when I initially set up my site, I looked for a purple background, but couldn't find a premade one that I I will change it, once I have more time to play with it).

2. I am definitely a PACK RACK. I've been meaning to "clean out" my family room, and organize that room to be my children's study as well as my stamping area. My dilemma is that I don't know what to "throw away", I want to keep everything. One day, I'll just "grab everything" and close my eyes. You know the saying, if you didn't use it the past 6 months, then you don't need it. Well, that's what "Mission Organization" on HGTV keeps saying (haha)

3. One of my favorite things to eat, that not too many people care for is "Natto". For those of you who are not familiar with what this is, it's fermented soy beans. It has a "stinky" smell and is very gooey, but I just love it with rice. Some days I'll just eat natto with rice and I'm happy.

4. I love music. I enjoy singing (can't say everyone loves hearing me). When I feel down at times, I'll go to my piano and just "attempt" to play some of my old "music pieces" that I sooo hated practicing when I was younger, much younger :). Some days, I'll grab our ukulele and have my older son "pick" some songs on his ukelele, while I strum the chords on mine. We're very rusty, but no matter is nice; and lastly, I have the privilege of listening to the choir my older son is in, practice Christmas music every Mondays & Wednesdays. There's days, they give me "chicken skin".

5. I am "claustrophobic". This all came about in 1976. I was at a convention in New York, when several of us got "STUCK"..."IN BETWEEN FLOORS" with just the inner door of the elevator opened for what felt like 3 hours (I think it was actually 20 minutes). I remember just seeing a whole bunch of wires. This was all during the time the movie "Earthquake" was popular and there was a scene where the people were stuck in the elevator when the earthquake hit. The elevator dropped to the bottom, splatting their "blood" all over. Does anyone remember this movie??? Okay, I could not help but think this was going to happen to us, and I literally went "beserk" Can you imagine the other persons who were in the elevator with me? POOR THINGS!!!. When the service people finally got it open, they needed to assist all of us out of there, because, like I said, we were "IN BETWEEN FLOORS". The service personnel asked the elder couple to start first, but they insisted I go first...HMMMM...I wonder why..... Since that incident, I can't stay in enclosed areas for too long, or you'll see "little sweat buds" on my face, then you'll see me start fidgeting....then...figure out what's next......

6. I love dogs!!! I didn't have a dog for the longest time, but in March, my husband agreed that we could have this puppy, who is part lab, siberian husky, and pit bull. He's so cute and lovable. His name is "Biggie".... if you saw him now, you'd know how he got that name. He's still very friendly and lovable, but he definitely is big. I've seen his siblings, and most of them aren't close to his size. I thought he would be an indoor dog, but he's "currently" outside. I'm hoping to re-train him so he can be inside at night. Just not telling my husband my plan. Not yet anyway.

7. My family (my husband, 2 sons, myself, and my step daughter) are all left handed. We don't ever have problems in a restaurant deciding who's sitting next to who, because we won't be bumping elbows. So any right handers are considered "minority" in our household. (Neat-o, huh?!)

Well, that's all folks!!! Hope you enjoy reading this. Now, I'd like to tag, Angel, Michelle, and Robyn. ALL of them have "Great" check it out!!!

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