Saturday, November 3, 2007


I'm currently playing catch up....On the weekend of Oct 20th, my family went to Kauai for a surprise birthday party. It was a very last minute decision on our end, but a choice that I'm very happy we made. I rarely see my relatives, and some of them, I just met on this trip. Check out some of the pictures:
This was Kody's first airplane ride. He really enjoyed it and felt being above the clouds were "GREAT"!! For those of you who aren't familiar with Kauai, check out this mountain that's located in's called the "Sleeping Giant". I tried to take a clear picture so you can see the forehead, the eye brow hairs (hehe), even some eyelashes (which are couple of trees) the nose, mouth, and its chin. Can you see it? My 2 boys had a hard time. I can see it, can you?
Here's Skylar & Kody standing on the back side of the Wailua Marina Restaurant. I'm not sure if you can see the peacock in the background. Boy, there's a lot of chickens and their chicks running around in Kauai. For those of you who visit the Wailua Marina Restaurant, you just gotta gotta gotta try their stuffed chicken, or stuffed pork chops. It's "DA BEST" HMMMM..GOOD... I just heard about the prawns stuffed with crabs. Doesn't that sound good? Okay, I need to stop now, because I'm getting hungry. So any of you that head out to Kauai...check out the Wailua Marina Restaurant.

Here's a picture of my family. I'm standing next to my father, and then there's my brother Dean and my niece, Joydean. Oh yeah, and of course, there's Larry, Skylar & Kody to the left of the picture. I think this is the first family picture I have with my dad, but it's still not complete with my brother's family. Oh well, that is something that must go on a "DO TO" and GET COMPLETED" type of list.

Here's a picture of Skylar & Kody with cousin Zion. They had so much fun and we were all on the same flight back to Honolulu. We were all very tired but very happy we were able to be a part of this fun occasion.


Jen said...

Awesome pictures! I totally know what you mean about the "TO DO" list. I have a long list of my "TO DO" list. hahaha, and it keeps gettin' longer. I hope I live long enough to finish them all.


Maria said...

Wow, look like you all had fun! You have a nice looking family!