Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'M IT!!!

I've been tagged a while ago from Jen. She is definitely Miss Creative and fun to be around. Check out her site.

Here goes:
1. If you could have 100.00 pounds worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose? I would definitely choose scrapbook paper...I feel like I can never have enough of it.

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rub ons, which would you choose.
STAMPS, of course. I feel you can do a lot more with stamps.

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts, but could only do one for a year, which would you do? I would do cards. HMMMM, you can do mini layouts within your cards, right?

4. Would you rather own a scrapbooking store or have your own scrapping room at home (can't have both, LOL)? I would rather have my own scrapping room at home. So, how do I do it now? That's just it....I need to find a place. I would love it if I had my own scrapping room; that would make me VERY HAPPY...

5. And the last but not least, what is your current card making or scrapping style? At this very moment, it seems to be watercoloring. I'm still learning the different "coloring in" type of things, and I'm having a lot of fun with that. It makes me feel like an "artist" (hehe). I'm such a "Beginner" that learning all the different things you can do is so much fun.

Now, I'm supposed to tag others. You know, I looked on a lot of sites and realized that a lot of you were tagged. Being that this is a fun one, if you haven't done it yet, please consider yourself tagged!!!

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