Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finally, BOY (Girl) it took me a while for this one....EBAY anyone???

I've had this simply scrappin kit for over a year. I got this for my cousin who had an adorable girl. Of course, baby Ashlyn already celebrated her first birthday. My cousin is very creative and I'm sure she'll make some wonderful pages with this kit. This is a retired kit, but still very cute.

Meanwhile, I used this love note card to create a little card to go with the simply scrapping kit. It's just something really small & simple.

I'm sure a lot of you ebayers out there will be able to relate to this situation that I'm about to tell you . When scoping out some of the items I wanted, I came across this cool blue ROXY pants. It came with tags, and had the logo on the bottom of the left leg. I decided to go for it. All the details looked right and I thought, hey...I'll try to win this when it got to closing, I was determined to win it but not go over the $$$ amount I was willing to pay. Well, I was able to win it for a $teal....I was overjoyed. The pants was new, and it looked really nice. As I looked closely at all of the information, after winning the bid, I's a junior, not a misses....BUT, there was still a chance I could fit it. When I received it in the mail, I opened it like any child opening a gift, with a big smile. The pants was really nice, looked like I could fit far so good....let me try it on......WELL, it was slightly snug....well, a little more than was...picture the visual of looked like an old fart, trying to squeeze into her younger clothes, and trying to look "hip"....okay...this just wasn't right. Now, I couldn't find someone I knew that would fit it. I knew people who were either smaller or bigger. When I ran into my cousin at a baby shower last week, same cousin that I've waited soooooo long to give the scrapbook kit to, I realized...hey...Joy (who's the proud mother of Ashlyn) or her sister Renee would fit it perfectly. So, I made mention to them and told them that my mother will take it to another family get together we have tomorrow and they can decide who will take it. I'm curious who'll take it....Oh well....we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

50 Christmas Card class

Today, I had my 50 Christmas Card class. Teri created these cards and shared it with her downlines. Thank you Teri. The cards were created using SU's Winter Bright Scrapbook Kit, along with some of their stamps and supplies. With this class, each person had the following supplies: Winter Bright Simply Scrappin Kit, Whisper White Card Stock, Snail Adhesive, Whisper White Med Envelope (40), and the Wild Wasabi Double Stiched Ribbon. Although all of these added to slightly over what the class cost, I enjoyed doing it. I threw in the additional 10 envelopes, and the eyelets, brads, glitter, cord, and other "blings". All extra remaining, was for them so they can either create more cards, or create couple scrapbook pages. There was enough white cardstock to create a lot more cards.

Here's a photo of what each person received.
I precut the supplies for them. There were only 2 in attendance, plus myself. So I only needed to prep 3 supply kits. :)
Here's my friend Tami with my younger son, Kody, who needed to be included, showing off 2 of the cards they made. Sorry, I thought this picture was clear at the time I took it, but I guess my bifocals on my glasses is not correct any more. Boy, what age does to you. Here's cousin Cyd, showing off 2 of her cards as well. If I'm not mistaken, this picture is a little clearer, right???? For anyone wondering, what in the world is in the background, it's Kody's creation of himself. It is the same height as he is, and I know a lot of work went into this, so I taped it to our cabinet. He's proud that it's on display. You're just seeing the bottom half.
Now, at any of the classes, moreso because this one was all day, we needed snacks. So my husband Larry, prepared chips with the 3 layer dip (purchased from Safeway). We also had malasadas (thanks Cyd). Larry, later made sandwiches for everyone. They were able to order it to their style (that was nice). Of course, here's Kody, getting first gibs at snacks because we're too busy trying to finish all of the cards.

I'll let everyone know now.... 'cuz in the future, you'll take notice, Larry does a lot of the food's like that here in our household. He loves to cook, so he does all the cooking. That works out fine for me because I really don't like to cook. If I did cook, we wouldn't need to lose weight (tehehe).

After creating all of the cards, here's a snapshot of what is remaining from the supplies everyone was able to take home.

Below is a snapshot of all the cards made.

Below's a view of each individual card that was made. It was 2 sets of 25 cards = 50 cards. Some of the cards were slightly different from the other.

Overall, that was a fun, and exhausting day. As a whole, I really love SU's simply scrappin kits. It's great to make scrapbook pages as well as cards. Everything coordinates well with each other. It just makes it a whole lot "simpler".

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Aloha Everyone!!!

A very BIG MAHALO (thank you) to my stampin sista Jen of Pieces of Me. She really is "DA BOMB" (for those who have dainty daughters..DA BOMB..means she's "THE BEST") and to my Stampin UP upline, Teri of Big Ideas from a Little Girl. I really was a "PITA" (acronym of....I'm sure you can all figure it out). Both Jen & Teri's feedbacks and encouragement meant a lot to me, in helping me set it up. They insisted I wasn't a bother; it was more "HURRY UP ALREADY...GO FOR IT!!

I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of you through "BLOGLAND".

Check out Jen's site...she is really creative and has some exciting video tutorials. I have a "blast" whenever I read her site. I'm either laughing or smiling....and everyone's busy life, you know life is too short to stress over, so if you can put a smile or bring joy to someone's life..that's GREAT....JEN can do it.

My upline Teri...she's another one. She's very giving and has an eye for creativity. What's more, she constantly shares her ideas and knowledge. She's another one who'll make you smile when you look through her site.

Now...I hope, all who visit my site, will be able to laugh, smile and enjoy the creative ideas that you'll be able to get by visiting. Sign up to receive updates to my posting. Check out the different sites on my sidebar....TRUST ME.....YOU WILL BE INSPIRED!!!


Monday, September 17, 2007


OK..I've been reading and looking at everyone's blog and I'm totally inspired!!! SOOOO, I've decided to give it a try. I'm looking forward in advancing to the next stage.

Here's some cards I made recently. Each time I create a card...I tell's the best stress reliever and such great therapy...Don't ya agree?

That's another reason, I just love reading and checking out everyone's blog. It's a great motivational factor for me :) So, thank you all you stampin' bloggers....

This was a baby shower gift card. It's kind of dark so you can't see my cuttlebug background.
I made this for a beloved aunt who passed away.
Thanks to Wini, my cousin Cyd was able to make a sympathy card for our beloved aunt who passed away.
This was a wedding card I made for my stepbrother Chad. It was really quick. My husband, Larry commented, that my cards are starting to look better. ( encouraging...can you imagine what he was saying before; he would just nod and not I the truth comes out...tehehe)
My very first criss-cross card for my friend Cathy's birthday. Happy birthday Cathy...hope you like the card.

On another note, yesterday, my family and I enjoyed the long awaited "Lion King". Let me tell you, it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT. It was "breathtaking" and just totally awesome, that I am sooooo happy I didn't miss out on this one.

This photo shows my 2 sons, Skylar & Kody anxiously waiting for the show to begin.