Saturday, November 3, 2007


Here's my coaster creation that I did from Jen's class. I copied Jen's almost to the T. I sure had a lot of fun. Like I told Jen, I've heard a lot about Mod Podge, but I've never used it. I recently went to Wal-Mart to pick one up for myself. I'll be using that a lot. I love the idea that I have a Crop a Dile, but I just didn't realize how "STRONG" and mighty that tool is. It pierced the coaster so nicely, I was "stoked"

Here's the front.

Here's the back.
Now, I can't wait to put pictures in it, but for now, Kody wanted to be included in this picture, so I asked him to hold it up.

What a HAM, huh!!!
I have some ideas, that I'd like to try using this concept. Moreso, since I know how strong and mighty the crop a dile is and how great that Mod podge is with sticking. Once I'm done, I'll post for everyone to see....
Can't wait....


Rita said...

Great project! Your son is so cute!

Jen said...

oh so cute your boy holding the coaster thingy. Thanks so much for coming out and joining the fun, girl!!! I totally had a blast with you and the rest of the ladies. I'm so glad that we are all loud. hahaha

see ya soon!!!

Maria said...

Hey Lori,

Howzit going over there in Hawaii? Heard it was storming. . .is it still raining?

Love your coaster creation! Is that your son? He is such a cutie.


Jen said...

I tagged you girl.... check here for details: