Monday, January 21, 2008

I'M BACK!!! Happy New Year - Hawaii Style

Here in Hawaii, New Years Eve just wouldn't be New Years Eve if it's not NOISY and there's no popping of fireworks.
I'm sharing a couple of pictures that I took to show, there was a lot of popping going on, on my girlfriend's street. I spend every New Year's eve with them.
This picture just doesn't give these fireworks justice to what it was like IRL. These were 2 large Duck fireworks that joined at the top. I swear it lasted a good 10 seconds and it was over. This was really something. The duck brand fireworks are "LOUD" and I swear every single one of them pop. This was my friends' neighbors that blew this. The neighbors right in that area, just watched this one in "awe". Okay..okay...okay...for those that know me, yes...I did see the $$$ signs just going in this 10 seconds or less too. But I totally enjoyed it....I guess cuz it wasn't my $$$...(haha)
These were some "aerials" (did I spell this right), that we were seeing from "I don't know where"....

Prior to the clock striking midnight....2 of my girlfriends, their daughter and me, stamped and had fun.

Bringing in the new year, brought a blog challenge. My computer caught a "bad virus" on new years day. I was out of commission for a while. Once I got it up and running, I didn't realize how much I depend on my computer, but talk about catching up and cleaning up my files.

So, here's wishing you all a VERY BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I hope your new years was a great one.

Here in Hawaii, it was....even if Hawaii lost....I think everyone still had a lot of Hawaii PRIDE at the SUGARBOWL. They stuck together until the end.

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Jen - A Spice Angel said...

hahahaha.... were those aerials "near by" **wink, wink**...

looks like everyone had a blast.... but don't we always do!??!