Monday, January 21, 2008

BELATED THANK YOUS!!!! for wonderful gifts & cards

I received this beautiful card from Teri Check out her site.
Thank you Teri for your thoughtfulness!!!!! I was pleasantly surprised and happy to receive this. I'm not sure if you can see it, but the trees are "sparklin w/glamour"
This is a card I received from Mary O'Farrell. I've never met her but she is TAC's angel #1. How cool is that!!!
This gift box was decorated by my angel sister Jodie. The paper was glittery and cheery with the snowman stamp on it. This was my secret santa gift that I was very pleased with. Thank you Jodie!!!! Here's the goodies that were in the box. Lots of grosgrain ribbons, ric rac (sp?) ribbons and a cute IZZY B notepad. I can't wait to use them.
This is a wonderful card I received from Jen. Thank you Jen!!!! She is just so creative and fun to be around.
At our last angel outing, Jen surprised all of us, by giving us a wrapped gift and asked us not to open it until Christmas. It was wrapped and tied with this chipboard tag. Each were personalized with our First name Alphabet and personalized with our name. Hopefully, you can see her personalized handwriting with my name. This is such a useful tag. I know it has snowflakes and a poinsettia, but I use it as my bookmark for books that I read. I think I have a "pretty special" bookmark. Dont' ya think so??!!
On Christmas day, (yes, I didn't cheat; I'm very obedient, now that I'm a parent), I opened the present to find this designer paper. It's really nice paper. I didn't take a snapshot of all the pages but just 2 of them to show at least 4 sheets that it has.
Not only are pink and brown nice, but blue w/green & brown are nice to. Dont' you agree?
And yes...circles...can't get enough of them. In this retro pack it has squares too. Thank you Jen. This was just the wrapped gift we received. During that angel gathering, we also received a lot of "door prizes" as Jen called it. She had them all wrapped up. I got TAC's winter sparkles stamp set. Thank you very much!!!! She's very giving and will always take the time to help out if you run into a glitch with your creativity.
I must say, stamping has brought many wonderful friends into my life!!!! This is definitely a path I'm happy I took. In 2004, I went to a stampin up party, not knowing that it would bring me all of the wonderful people I have met. Through parties, I've met a lot of people as well. Any of the "get togethers" are always so "enlightening". Some people feel it's an addiction, but if it's a great one, because it's so uplifting and enjoyable when fellow stampers get together. It's a fun time. You use your "creative" side of your brain. It's such a GOOD THING!!!! I'm sure a lot of you stampers will agree :)
Again, thank you all for your wonderful gifts. I truly appreciate and will cherish everything I've received. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! (I really can't thank you enough).

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Jen - A Spice Angel said...

oh my!! you've got some great stuffs!!! well - I'm so happy that our paths have met.... you are inspiring to me as well, and help me keep those juices flowing!!!

happy new year, sister!!!