Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Aloha Everyone!!!

A very BIG MAHALO (thank you) to my stampin sista Jen of Pieces of Me. She really is "DA BOMB" (for those who have dainty daughters..DA BOMB..means she's "THE BEST") and to my Stampin UP upline, Teri of Big Ideas from a Little Girl. I really was a "PITA" (acronym of....I'm sure you can all figure it out). Both Jen & Teri's feedbacks and encouragement meant a lot to me, in helping me set it up. They insisted I wasn't a bother; it was more "HURRY UP ALREADY...GO FOR IT!!

I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of you through "BLOGLAND".

Check out Jen's site...she is really creative and has some exciting video tutorials. I have a "blast" whenever I read her site. I'm either laughing or smiling....and everyone's busy life, you know life is too short to stress over, so if you can put a smile or bring joy to someone's life..that's GREAT....JEN can do it.

My upline Teri...she's another one. She's very giving and has an eye for creativity. What's more, she constantly shares her ideas and knowledge. She's another one who'll make you smile when you look through her site.

Now...I hope, all who visit my site, will be able to laugh, smile and enjoy the creative ideas that you'll be able to get by visiting. Sign up to receive updates to my posting. Check out the different sites on my sidebar....TRUST ME.....YOU WILL BE INSPIRED!!!



Jen said...

OH goodie!!!! Hurray~~~ Glad to see it going....

thanks for all the "tooting" you gave to me. Makes me feel so special!!! have added you to my google reader - so I will stop by often!!! Can't wait to see what you start to create!!!

Hugs n' Aloha,

Teri said...

It's about time! Glad you finally got the ball rolling! I know you, you need that extra "push"! Good luck and welcome to blogland! I have you on my google reader too, so I won't miss any of the postings!

MEG BEE said...

Welcome to blogland... So many great ladies out here, I'm sure you will be greatly inspired. I'll keep stopping by to see what you create.

Inky Hugs,

Flossie's Follies said...

Welcome to blogland, glad to have ya, your cards are fantastic and your boys are adorable.

Rita said...

Welcome to a great community of fantastic people. They are the best as you will soon find out for yourself. We all get inspired & creative by each one of these awesome ladies! I am going to link your site to my blog. Good luck & your cards are awesome!

Jodie said...

Aloha--- welcome to blog land.... I love your blog.... Hope you have fun creating and posting.... Aloha !



malieta said...

Welcome to the community Lori!
Pleased to meet you and I will be back.

Jus' Mo and Jo said...

Hi and welcome!
I am a downline of Teri too, maybe we have been at a class or two together! But I agree Jen and Teri are both awesome and creative AND giving!
Welcome to blogland...

Jus' Mo

corinnesomerville said...

Welcome to the land of blogging !!! Your work is beautiful and with Teri and Jen in your'll be just fine :)

Have a great day
Corinne (aka Roxy)

Maria said...

Hey Lori! Congratulations and welcome to Blogland. It's nice to see a new blogget! You'll have fun I guarantee it.

It's nice to have another local sistah on board! It makes me feel at home to see another blogger from Hawaii!!

Look forward to seeing all your lovely creations!!


Debby Winters said...

Welcome to Blogland! I am a regular reader of Jen's Blog. And Now I'll be reading yours too!
Have lots and lots of fun!

The Art of Cards said...

Yeah! Another Local girl! Makes me feel so at home being since I'm on the mainland! Can't wait to see what amazing things you have to share with us all! I'm definitely going to add you to my blog roll :D


Jane Yoshiko Yasui said...

I enjoy doing this as long as someone does all the shopping for the stuff & the class is kinda cheap. Let me know when you have another get together. Make sure you have fur, shiny & colorful stuff.

Jus' Jo and Mo said...

OH my...Lori...I finally found your page again..I know we have been corresponding through email...but for the life of me I couldn't find your page!

Jus' MO