Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finally, BOY (Girl) it took me a while for this one....EBAY anyone???

I've had this simply scrappin kit for over a year. I got this for my cousin who had an adorable girl. Of course, baby Ashlyn already celebrated her first birthday. My cousin is very creative and I'm sure she'll make some wonderful pages with this kit. This is a retired kit, but still very cute.

Meanwhile, I used this love note card to create a little card to go with the simply scrapping kit. It's just something really small & simple.

I'm sure a lot of you ebayers out there will be able to relate to this situation that I'm about to tell you . When scoping out some of the items I wanted, I came across this cool blue ROXY pants. It came with tags, and had the logo on the bottom of the left leg. I decided to go for it. All the details looked right and I thought, hey...I'll try to win this when it got to closing, I was determined to win it but not go over the $$$ amount I was willing to pay. Well, I was able to win it for a $teal....I was overjoyed. The pants was new, and it looked really nice. As I looked closely at all of the information, after winning the bid, I's a junior, not a misses....BUT, there was still a chance I could fit it. When I received it in the mail, I opened it like any child opening a gift, with a big smile. The pants was really nice, looked like I could fit far so good....let me try it on......WELL, it was slightly snug....well, a little more than was...picture the visual of looked like an old fart, trying to squeeze into her younger clothes, and trying to look "hip"....okay...this just wasn't right. Now, I couldn't find someone I knew that would fit it. I knew people who were either smaller or bigger. When I ran into my cousin at a baby shower last week, same cousin that I've waited soooooo long to give the scrapbook kit to, I realized...hey...Joy (who's the proud mother of Ashlyn) or her sister Renee would fit it perfectly. So, I made mention to them and told them that my mother will take it to another family get together we have tomorrow and they can decide who will take it. I'm curious who'll take it....Oh well....we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out.....

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Teri said...

Love the sweet pea card! Nice to see your blog filling out!

I've tagged you! Check out my blog for the details :)