Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do you remember your "First Love"?

Does anyone remember their "first love"? Well...I had this DP that said it all....

This is Rachel Miller's "First Love" stamp. This is a clear stamp that stamps really clear and defined. I enjoyed coloring in this set. When I first saw these stamps, I didn't think it was as cute as "IT REALLY IS". Once I inked it up, stamped the image, and colored it in, my mind changed into "LOVIN' IT !!! I added the flower next to it! This is another simple card done.

Check out the variety of these'll love it.... Of course, it's at Jen's Little C's stamps & things.

Feel the mood!!!
Thanks for visiting!!!


malieta said...

Very pretty card Lori!
As far as my first love...yeah..blushing...I remember!:)

Denise said...

I remember my first love.....I still run in to him once in a while. I like your card, it's so cute.

Ila said...

This card is Gorgeous!! I have to admit these designs had to grow on me a little I think they are Fabulous!! hmmm first love...very short and sweet..but a very pleasant memory indeed...Hugs, Ila

Maria said...

Whoohoo! I love your card, Lori! The image is so darn cute. . .I plan to buy this stamp!

I do remember my first love and now, I wonder what the heck I was thinking!! LOL! Today, I would never go out with that person. . instead, I think I had really bad taste back then. Funny how age can change your perspecitive!! LOL!!


2 Worlds said...

Lori thanks for visiting my blog
loved the card...first love how can we forget.

Jen Young said...

Sooo sweet. Love that dp paper you've used, it just adds to the "1st love" setting. Come to think of it, my 1st love was a little mushy too.. LOL!!! Memories... all alone in the moonlight... LOL!!!! But he wasn't as good as my soul mate.

Great job, sister!!!


Jodie said...

this is just lovely.I love those stamps too. Funny I was just thinking about my first boyfriend today. He and I are still friends when ever we see each other. Which is once every five years. ahhh the sappy memories

Denise said...

Cute card! I remember my first love.....still run into him once in a while. ;)