Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Pink Cat Studios "Sweet Treat" stamps

Here's another Pink Cat Studio's "Sweet Treat" stamp. This one is a "sweet" cupcake. My niece loved this card because it was pink and brown. You can find more of what's on this set at Jen's Little C's Stamps & Things online store. She also has it on her blog Pieces of Me.

The ribbon is one of the things I bought from Michael's. I went to Vegas in March and decided to go to Michael's. I've heard so much about that store that I decided to check it out. Needless to say, I went NUTS!!! My cart looked as if I was a person who thought the store was closing. A gentleman saw my cart and responded, "That is why I come here instead of my wife. She tells ME what she needs and I come to the store and purchase JUST the items she needs." We both had quite a laugh. I explained to him that my husband didn't even know I was AT the store that day. (hehehe) I did enjoy shopping there.

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malieta said...

Another beautiful card and I love the image...very cute!!!

Jodie said...

cute cute cute....